Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome

This is my latest show with Sheila Zilinsky on “Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome”.  This is a summary of the message that I’ll be presenting at the WCCD Deliverance workshop, April 27-29 in Montrose, CO.  God created us to be free and desires for us to be free.  I trust you receive freedom and deliverance as you listen…

Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome with Sheila Zilinsky

Author: disciplinare

Following Christ in obedience to His Great Commission to make disciples, one at a time...

One thought on “Spiritual Stockholm Syndrome”

  1. I just heard this. Wow. Fantastic. I am in Europe and I so identify with everything. Thank you . I don’t go to any church and am alone, but I get all my food from people like Shiela, Carla, Derek Prince etc. It has taken five years to get out of the pit I was in for 56 years but now I am out and intercede for others. I have recently had some depressive set backs but I love helping set people free and praying for them. People like you that put these messages have no idea who you reach. I am so thankful.


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