Big Changes Ahead!


On Friday, September 9, 2016 the Lord spoke to me after I had spent time in worship and prayer.  It had been a turbulent few days prior, and the uneasiness I was feeling in my spirit was finally broken as I worshiped and prayed!  The Lord then told me to get my journal and pen ready, and this is what He told me:

By this time next year things will be very different:  economy, shelter(s), work, society, government and politics.  God will be an afterthought, removed from all public life.

My children, turn to Me NOW!  Walk in my provision, take up your place in My Vine.

In the darkness hides many things intended to do you great harm:  but trust in ME, for I AM the Light of the world and I have already overcome the darkness!

Sharpen your swords:  My Word.  Bury it deep into your hearts for it will soon come under great attack!  (I heard these phrases, “hate speech”, “book of hate”)

My children, do not be dismayed for I will never leave you nor forsake you!!  Many will give your lives for Me:  I do not take that lightly.  There is Beauty in what I have for you – let everything go (in order) to hold fast to Me.

The end of all things is very near, so hold fast to My Truth.  I AM your Deliverer;  the God that brings you out of Egypt.  I AM!

I AM coming very soon!

Prepare your hearts.  Fill your oil.  Trim your lamps.  Be alert. Watch and pray.

I AM coming and your reward is with ME

I AM the Alpha and the Omega; the Beginning and I AM the END of all things!

I love you with an everlasting LOVE!

God gave me these Scriptures for this Word:

  • Galatians 5:9
  • I Peter 5:8
  • I John 2:9
  • Ezekiel 33:19
  • Isaiah 19:7-11
  • Matthew 3:1-4
  • I Peter 3:9

My friends, today is the day to make sure your life is hidden with Christ.  Today is the day to abide in Christ ever deeper.  Today is the day to let the things of this world go, and hold fast to Christ.  Today is the day of repentance and salvation.  Today is the day to hold ever tighter to our Master’s Hand and follow Him…

Author: disciplinare

Following Christ in obedience to His Great Commission to make disciples, one at a time...

7 thoughts on “Big Changes Ahead!”

  1. AMEN and AMEN!!!
    This afternoon (9-11-16), upon awakening from a nap, I had the horrible sense of destruction in our land. We have entered into the ‘danger zone’ . . Which I believe is the time period for the “and suddenlies” of destruction to occur.


      1. You’re welcome.
        It is indeed time for the Heavenly Father’s discipline to be released upon our Nation, so repentance will come . .. From those willing to repent. Otherwise, MOST U.S. Citizens are heading into eternal damnation.


  2. Not only America, Europe is in for some bad times too coming from our recently invited moslem friends the media insists on calling them. Timely post and the worldly experts insist on another view but the Lord talks to his prophets first before doing things.

    Praying you and your family will be in a spot to bring plenty Of people to the Lord When the time comes.

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